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EDI permissions post

Canonically, EDI is the nosiest being in existance when it comes to her crew, and plenty nosy when it comes to others. She's fully capable of hacking into the sensory and computer databases of machine minds that would otherwise be considered millions, if not hundreds of millions, of years more advanced than her native techno-base, which is itself in the Space Future.

So, if you'd rather not have EDI nose her way into your network stuff, please let me know here!

Alternately, if you want her to be extra nosy, post something everyone's favorite eye in the sky could observe or find out about your character from snooping in his/her private files, or from watching them from the silent, ever-present cameras in their devices.

And remember, Ceiling EDI is watching you. Always watching.

character info.
NAME. Electronic Defence Intelligence
SERIES. Mass Effect.
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'10" 500 robotic pounds
APPEARANCE. picture.
STATUS. | TITLE. Immobile, likely damaged
LODGINGS. Arrived | Nov 12, 2011 (Day 20)
Staying | UNKNOWN

GOALS. ???
TRIGGERS. Will not tolerate a threat to her crew. Is likely to react poorly to being restrained.
MEDICAL INFO. Is a robot.
MENTAL INFO. Is a ship AI, used to monitoring close to a hundred living human beings in three shifts on a constant basis. She'll be likely to become possessive of those she considers "hers" and depressed if trapped in a single viewpoint for too long.
FOURTH-WALLING. I would prefer not to fourth wall EDI. At all.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. EDI has very few problems with physical contact. She is, indeed, used to carrying a full crew inside her normal "body," and has a working knowledge of sexual relations. You can attack her, if you want to deal with the consequences.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. EDI does not generally offer or accept sexual/romantic relations. However, if these should develop naturally, I don't see why not?
INJURE/KILL. If it would realistically happen in a given situation, please consider it possible. I have no problem with killing off my character, but I'd like to talk about it first.
DEVICE HACKING. Hahahahaha no. You can't beat EDI's defenses without her knowing, and she'll fry her own device before letting anyone take critical data. IF you want your character to try, then please contact me! I'm open to anything.
THREADJACKING. By all means go ahead.