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App - Singularity

Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Mica
OOC Journal: [ profile] mica_silverwind
Under 18? no
AIM: failmica
Characters Played at Singularity: Maj. Motoko Kusanagi, Jiji

Character Information ;
Name: Enhanced Defense Intelligence aka "EDI"
Name of Canon: Mass Effect 2
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: n/a
Reference: Mass Effect Wiki | Edi's Page
Canon Point: End of the game (zero-fatality ending, having given the Illusive Man the finger)

Setting: Set in the far-flung and often operatic future, Mass Effect takes place in a universe dominated by alien life. Having discovered and put to use the physics-defying properties of the rare and mysterious Element Zero, life has begun to spread to all corners of the galaxy. Facilitated by the mysterious Mass Relays, enormous FTL-perpetuating technology that was apparently left to be found, various spacefaring races bridge the all but insurmountable gaps between the stars. Another piece of found technology is represented by the Citadel, the hub and crowning jewel of the interplanetary community, and home to the nominal ruling body common to them all, the Citadel Counsel.

Of course, all is not always so good in the galaxy, between Reaper attacks, Krogan breeding issues, and Geth insurgencies, the world has its share of problems. Politics continue as usual, with threats being subsumed by power-grabs and misreporting. AI are considered illegal contraband, and technologies like EDI skirt the technicalities between 'dangerously illegal' and 'useful tool.' Humans, the relatively new additions to this interplanetary caucus race, remain the political underdogs they began as, though with a newly appointed counsel seat under their collective belts, the future looks bright for the little pink apes that could.

...Or it would if numerous and specifically human colonies weren't disappearing off the map, seemingly at random, and for no discernible reason. Enter one Commander Shepard, recently presumed dead and even more recently resurrected at extravagant cost by the human-centric terrorist/activist/criminal group, Cerberus. Equipped with an upgraded version of the Normandy, and set in place with all the old pieces on a much-altered chess-board, it's up to Commander Shepard to determine the fate of human colonies everywhere— and the rest of the galaxy too, if there's time.

As the resident ship AI, EDI is along for the ride, assisting where she can and providing all the comfort and oversight of 1984, right here and now in 2183.

([ profile] cmdr_renegade is the Commander Jane Shepard in question, Female/Renegade Shepard.)

Personality: Polite and deferential, EDI has been programmed as a crisply professional entity designed to fade into the background with competence. A wide-minded and inclusive mind, she is the ghost in the Normandy machine, the faceless voice that sees all, hears all, and protects her crew and their interests by her very presence. Incapable, for the most part, of direct action, her skillset and proclivity lie in the immaterial and otherwise invisible— communications, cyber warfare and hacking. For much of the plot, she maintains a quiet and basically unobtrusive presence towards most of the ship, excluding her close companion and the ships' helmsman, Joker. While not openly hostile, she seems to feel obligated to attempt constricting his actions as solidly as her own options have been. Initially she is shackled, unable to access portions of her own memory and constrained to the barest minimum of the Normandy systems by Cerberus design. Like a romantic comedy (IN SPACE), they fight back and forth, eventually coming to harmony. After her Cerberus locks are disabled, EDI becomes (relatively) more emotional, working in as close a tandem with "Jeff" as possible rather than engaging in petty power-struggles on a near-constant basis.

Of course, there's no leaving out EDI's wicked mischievous streak, a dry sense of humor rooted in irony and shock factor , delivered in the ever-present polite monotone, to bring her human counterparts to a stall, wondering whether or not she was serious. Her favorite target is, of curse, Joker himself. His constant complaints of the 'coming robot overlords' elicit the remark that she 'enjoys the sight of humans on their knees' when he complains of being made to crawl through ducts in order to save their lives and the Normandy entire. She mocks his personal preferences and stalks his porn and extranet usage— as she does nearly everyone's on board, as well as the local traffic whenever they come within range of civilization. She is, after all, the party primarily responsible for the cybernetic security aboard the Normandy, and uses that position to best advantage.

Speaking of ethical practices, she seems to have no native system of ethics— aside from loyalty to her crew, Joker and Shepard. Her main mode of sharing information seems to have everything she knows on a 'need to know' basis. Of course, she'll fill Shepard and her crew in on anything important to a mission, but in most cases fails to volunteer information unless directly asked. However, if she is asked, she will reply honestly, only rarely deflecting in a deceitful fashion. More often she'll simply say that she would prefer not to answer. After all, what can they do to her?

Abilities and Weaknesses: As an AI, EDI is technically without body. On her own she can do little but nag, but with a robotic (or normandy-shaped) body can do far more. She is capable of splitting her attention in many plural directions, multitasking enough for an entire crew when operating at peak efficiency. EDI is an excellent hacker, and equally competent on the defense, throwing up intense and powerful firewalls. But just when you think there's no way she could get any sharper or more brilliant, she misunderstands basic english-language idioms. Sigh.

Inventory: Nothing at all, save her own memories.

Appearance: EDI's typical holographic display is a blue-white orb atop a truncated hourglass shape. Her actual "blue box" AI core is a relatively small quantum computer, mobile enough to be transported by a single human. When in a "human" or rather android body, she will be played by her voice actor, the punishingly attractive Tricia Helfer.

It is my intention to have EDI be an essentially immobile box w/hologram for at least a short while at the beginning of her stay on Sacrosanct, and for the android body to represent a development. The current method of acquiring the android body is undecided. Pending involvement and discussion with other characters/mods, but options will no-doubt include things like, 'finagling it from Hypatia' and 'finding a salvageable android in the junkyard.'

Age: Roughly one year, perhaps more, but not more than two.

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample: As approved by Nie, I am submitting the following Dear_Mun threads/entries in lieu of a Log Sample: [one] [two] [three]

Network Sample:
<[Audio / Open— all channels]

I am here, I— [There is a soft buzzing sound, like the sound effect a game gives you, when you are attempting to do something the game doesn't like. 'Denied!' Her tone continues as evenly as before, as if completely unperturbed by the rude self-interruption.] I read you.


To all members of the Normandy crew, please be advised, the ship is likely drifting— primary AI and cyber-defense systems are almost certainly offline with the continued absence of the AI core.

[It's only now that she considers the time-stamp on the transmission she's attempting to reply to. Ah, that explains it. A local network? Let's give it a try.]

To clarify, the remainder of this message is intended for any friendly presences within range of transmission: Hello. I am "EDI."

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